Interchange Agreement Railroad

[2] As a general rule, the law states that, in spite of any other provision, “a provision, clause, agreement or agreement included in a transport contract for road hauliers or which relates to a transport contract that purports to be unscathed, defended or unscathed, or has the effect that liability in the event of loss or damage resulting from negligence or intentional acts or omissions of the promise , is nonsible and unworkable.¬†Md. Cts. Proc. However, there is an explicit and specific exception of the UIIA to the definition of the “car transport contract” in the statutes, which states that “2. ”¬†Motorcarrier Transport Contract” does not include: A. the agreement on access to intermodal exchanges and equipment, as amended by the Executive Committee for Intermodal Exchange; or B. Other arrangements for the exchange, use or possession of intermodal chassis, containers or other intermodal equipment. Md. Cts.

Proc. The UIIA is probably a liability contract, as participating shipping companies, railways and equipment rental companies require auto companies to participate and comply with the airline`s activities. See CMA-CGM (America), Inc., supra, 510, referring to Elite Logistics Corp., supra, at 3. As early as August, the blog reported a controversy between two Western railroad giants, Union Pacific and BNSF, who had found their way to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, the federal authority for monitoring rail fares and practices. There, the preferred operating practices of the two railways on a frequently used line were at odds with each other and UP sought the intervention of the STB to impose an injunction to require a determined mode of operation until the respective rights of the two airlines were reconciled in the course of their track use contract.


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