Referral Agreement Sra

There is evidence that some companies do not discuss with customers the possibilities of financing their rights, and in particular not that they do not check whether the client has insurance that would cover their legal costs, so that the company may charge an increase in their fees. Remember that you must not exploit your customers and that you have an obligation to inform and understand customers about the financing options of their debt and the terms of a pricing agreement they enter into with you. (see p.B. paragraphs 1.2, 8.6 and 8.7 of the Code of Conduct for Lawyers, DESL and RFL and paragraphs 1.2 and 7.1c) of the Corporate Code of Conduct). We know that the prohibition on transfer fees has raised difficult questions about its application and interpretation. We are also aware that the LASPO text allows for the introduction or removal of personal injury without violating LASPO. However, we are concerned that some of those we regulate, by putting in place agreements that do not contraindion to LASPO, cannot take into account their broader obligations to customers and others, in violation of standards and regulations. Paragraph 5.1, paragraph (c), specifies that the payment of the transfer fee must be accompanied by an agreement with the company, which must define the terms of the dismissal, including all payments or other benefits that are provided. The SRA will also want to see evidence of the training and supervision of employees involved in remittances to ensure that they know what to do or not to do. If you ensure that your company has strict policies and procedures for adopting third-party recommendations and/or royalty-sharing agreements, the SRA may be prevented from investigating issues related to these practices. You are required to inform your customers of all royalty-sharing agreements that have been entered into and to have these agreements in writing. Clients should be informed if you have a financial or other interest in recommendations made to you or others. But the realists were well aware that the lawyers were not in a position of strength, that many liked to believe, and that the truth was that transfer fees were a fact of daily life, whether forbidden or not.


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