Final Green Light to the Eu-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has finally received the green light after years of negotiations and roadblocks. This deal is significant for both parties, as it will result in the removal of tariffs and non-tariff barriers, making it easier for businesses in both regions to trade and invest in each other`s markets.

The FTA covers a wide range of industries, including goods, services, and investment. It also includes provisions for intellectual property rights, government procurement, and sustainable development. The removal of tariffs and non-tariff barriers in these areas will create new opportunities for businesses and boost economic growth in both regions.

For Singapore, the FTA will provide greater access to the EU`s market of over 500 million consumers. This will benefit Singapore`s export-oriented economy, which relies heavily on external markets to drive growth. The FTA will also provide Singaporean businesses with a level playing field to compete with their European counterparts.

For the EU, the FTA will provide greater access to Singapore`s market of 5.6 million consumers. Singapore is an important hub for business in Southeast Asia and is known for its business-friendly environment and strong intellectual property protection. The FTA will also provide European businesses with greater investment opportunities in Singapore.

The FTA has been hailed as a win for free trade and multilateralism in an era of rising protectionism and trade tensions. It sends a strong signal that the EU and Singapore are committed to promoting free and open trade and investment, even as other countries are erecting barriers.

The FTA is expected to enter into force in late 2019 or early 2020, after it has been ratified by the European Parliament and Singapore`s Parliament. Businesses in both regions should begin preparing for the opportunities and challenges the FTA will bring, including increased competition and the need to comply with new standards and regulations.

In conclusion, the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement is a significant milestone in the relationship between the EU and Singapore. It represents a commitment to open and free trade and will provide new opportunities for businesses in both regions. The FTA is a timely reminder that, despite the current global trade tensions, free and open trade remains the best path to sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

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