Sample Lending Money Agreement Philippines

If you`re in the Philippines and in need of borrowing money, it`s essential to draft a lending money agreement to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction. A lending money agreement is a written document that outlines the terms and conditions of borrowing and repaying the loan, including the interest rate, payment schedule, and consequences of defaulting on the loan.

Here`s a sample lending money agreement in the Philippines:

1. Parties involved

This section should identify the lender and borrower. Include their full legal names, addresses, and contact details.

2. Loan amount

Specify the amount of money that the borrower will receive. You can also indicate the purpose of the loan, such as for business or personal use.

3. Loan terms

Define the terms of the loan, such as the interest rate, payment frequency, and repayment period. Be specific about the payment schedule, including the due date, and the amount of each payment.

4. Late payment or default

State the consequences of late payments or defaulting on the loan, including any penalties or fees. You can also include a clause on how the lender will collect the outstanding balance if the borrower defaults on the loan.

5. Collateral

If a collateral is required, state what asset or property will serve as security for the loan.

6. Governing law

Specify the governing law that will apply to the agreement, such as the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

7. Signatures

Both the lender and borrower should sign and date the agreement to make it legally binding.

Remember that a lending money agreement should be clear, specific, and concise. Both the borrower and lender should fully understand and agree to the terms of the agreement to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes. It`s advisable to consult a lawyer when drafting a lending money agreement to ensure that it complies with Philippine laws and regulations.

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