Procurement Agreement Deutsch

2. Governments that are not parties to this convention, but which meet the provisions of paragraph 1, (a) to (c), have the right to attend Committee meetings as observers, provided they inform the contracting parties. Recognising the need to take into account the development, financing and trade needs of developing countries, and in particular the least developed of developing countries, 2, Provided that the following measures are not applied in such a way as to lead to arbitrary or unjustified discrimination between countries with identical conditions or a disguised restriction of international trade , no provision of this Convention can be interpreted in such a way as to prevent a contracting party from taking measures to protect public morality, order and security, to the protection of the life and health of persons, animals and plants, the protection of intellectual property or goods manufactured by persons with disabilities. , charities or prisoners. 4. When several contracts or sub-markets have been placed to meet a specific need, the basis for evaluation is: 1. The parties may anticipate that the contracting entities will negote: 4. Depending on the reasonable needs of the purchasing entities, factors such as the complexity of the proposed purchase, the extent of the contracting and a realistic time frame for manufacturing are used to set a delivery date. , the removal of the warehouse and the transport of goods from the delivery locations or for the provision of services. 11. Contracting entities must specify, in the notices referred to in this article or in the publishing body in which the notices are published, that the acquisition falls within the scope of this agreement. 7.

Any periodic notice referred to in paragraph 3 must contain as much information as possible in paragraph 6, as long as it is available. In any event, it must contain the information covered in paragraph 8 and: 1 This agreement applies to any market whose estimated market value at the time of the publication of the Article IX notice is equal to or above the threshold. 1. technical specifications such as quality, performance, safety and dimensions, symbols, terminology, packaging, labelling and labelling or production processes or processes and processes defining the characteristics of a property or service to be purchased, nor the requirements for certificates of compliance prescribed by contracting entities are not developed, adopted or applied to create unnecessary barriers to international trade. 3. Contracting entities listed in Schedules 2 and 3 may use a periodic market notice, as provided for in paragraph 7, or an opinion on the existence of a qualification system, as provided for in paragraph 9, as an invitation to participate. 5. After this agreement comes into force, developing countries may, among the contracting parties, modify their lists of contracting entities in accordance with the provisions of Article XXIV, paragraph 6, concerning the modification of these lists and taking into account their development, financing and trade needs, or ask the Public Procurement Committee (`the Committee`) to ask certain contracting entities to , products or services on the lists of the various contracting entities to grant exemptions from the provisions relating to national treatment, taking due account of the particular circumstances of each case and the provisions of paragraph 1, points (a) to (c).


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