Averaging Agreement Meaning

However, there are a few subtle points in THE BC Employment Standards that employers need to consider, which could reduce the attractiveness of funding agreements. A situation in which employees have regularly scheduled hours, but the number of hours actually worked varies from time to time, would not be eligible for the average. For example, a bus driver may have a regular schedule, but may sometimes work longer due to heavy traffic. The following calendar illustrates this situation (the figures in brackets are the number of hours actually worked and RDO means regular rest day): you do not need to sign an agreement. But if you apply for a job and don`t sign, the employer might decide not to hire you. A funding agreement can be a useful tool for defining and maintaining predictable and fair work plans for all interested parties, while controlling overtime costs. An employer must notify each worker concerned in writing 2 weeks before the start of the funding agreement, unless both parties agree otherwise. As a general rule, a worker who receives a basic salary is considered to be a `right to regular wages` within the meaning of paragraph 6(7)(e) of the Regulation. Therefore, there is no reduction in standard hours for the average period for a worker absent from work for paid sick leave. Do you already have a funding agreement or are you planning to deploy one? Take the time to make sure you check all the right boxes by carefully checking the rules above. In the event of dismissal or termination of employment by the employer, the worker is entitled to overtime pay for all hours worked exceeding 40 times the number of weeks in the completed part of the average period. When used right, can funding agreements save employers a lot of money – why not use one of the few gifts for employers contained in the law?  the start and expiry date of the agreement and the Director of Employment Standards may terminate a funding agreement at any time taking into account any factors that the Director considers relevant.

The average working time may be achieved between a single employee or group of workers and his employer. Overtime rates, financing agreements and temporary banks are subject to the requirements of the British Columbia Employment Standards Act. This requirement should be read together with the requirement that employers define a work plan for each day, which is covered by the cycles by which working hours are used. . . .


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