Domain Name Purchase Agreement

Recipient of confidential information: [name] and all relevant commercial and personal businesses related to the recipient and the purchase and transfer of the domain What future liability is linked to a domain name after the end of the sale? What did you have in mind? I have never heard of such a clause. And I almost posted it here with the domain name. 🙂 This domain name sales agreement was written to cover the simple sale and transfer of a domain name from one party to another. Thank you for providing this. I`m doing a domain transfer sale with someone else. Since I use this domain as my primary email address (and not much more), the buyer must guarantee that I will continue to receive emails at this address for a year (without using POP, IMAP, or any other service). It should give me enough time to make sure everything is transferred. A statement of intent is a description of a transaction under negotiation, with agreements on how the process will move forward. Learn more about what`s in a memorandum of understanding and how you write one. Agreements can often complicate things when, once everything is said and done, we are really talking about the equivalent of a “Quit Claim Deed” (to use a real estate analysis), that is, there are no guarantees in terms of ownership, infringement, etc. I know that “experienced” Domainesrs want to limit their potential backend liability through contractual exclusions if a third party sues the buyer (after the transfer) for trademark infringement. But who knows how a court would decide? Domain names are bought and sold every day, often without any legal problems.

However, just because you didn`t have a legal Snafu doesn`t mean your rights to buy or sell are sufficiently protected. While an email or phone call agreement can be binding in court, there is no doubt when a formal, albeit simple, agreement is signed. I think there are a lot of lawyers who don`t specialize in intellectual property and write sales contracts, and if you don`t know what an agreement might look like or what clauses it might contain, you really have no way of determining whether the lawyer you hire is representing you properly or not. . . .


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