Red Box Pictures is a Seattle-based company specializing in dynamic location portraiture, conceptual photography, and photojournalism for commercial clients. The quartet of accomplished former Seattle Post-Intelligencer staff photographers is available individually or as a team to provide services including photojournalistic event coverage, portraiture, product and food photography. Skilled in lighting on location, they also orchestrate photography shoots in their 1200 square-foot studio space located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.


Dan DeLong

I have a lot of unflattering portraits of myself as a kid – in homemade clothes the color of sunflowers, in dorky historical outfits, in tight turtlenecks, and all with bad hair. But they probably were the reason why I became a photographer. At some point, I decided it would be more fun to be on the other side of the lens.
What a great decision that was. As a lifelong photographer, I’ve always felt it’s an honor and joy to document life as it unfolds. I’m grateful for the trust people place in me to chronicle moments intimate and historical, and create photos that evoke emotion and enrich memory. Prior to co-founding Red Box Pictures, Dan was a photojournalist at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper for more than a decade. He covered everything from breaking news to in-depth projects to Super Bowl XL. He traveled twice to Iraq, first to document U.N. sanctions in 1999 and later to chronicle wartime conditions in 2003. He covered Mariners playoffs, the WTO protests, mental illness, the Dalai Lama, and combine demolition derbies in Eastern Washington. His work has won many national honors, including a first-place National Headliner Award in 2005 and the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism.Originally from Pennsylvania, Dan lives in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood with his wife, Vanessa, two geriatric cats and his all-time favorite photo subjects, daughters Kalena and Lola. View Dan DeLong's profile on LinkedIn

Scott Eklund

As a photojournalist for my entire adult life, I have covered everything from protests to presidential elections, from the lifestyles of billionaires to the plight of the homeless, from basketball games to Bono. But the photos most precious to me are those of my family, my wife and our two beautiful daughters. Those are the memories I truly treasure, and I know the importance of capturing moments in time, fleeting glimpses saved for posterity.

Prior to co-founding Red Box Pictures, Scott worked as a photojournalist at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for 14 years. He holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri.
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Andy Rogers

Robert Capa, a legendary photojournalist and founder of Magnum Photos, said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” I knew this to be true long before I knew the name of Capa or even cared what photojournalism meant. In college, I began taking pictures of underground music shows in Washington, D.C. as a way to be more connected to the art and people that were important to me. There was only one way to do it: be right up front, in the crowd, on the stage and in the moment as the emotion of the musicians and crowd poured forth. I came to discover that the ability to be close without being disruptive was a skill that allowed me to creating artful, storytelling pictures.

Prior to co-founding Red Box Pictures Andy has worked at seven newspapers over 13 years, joining the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 2004. His career has taken him from photographing gunfire on the streets of Fallujah while covering the current Iraq War, to witnessing the Seattle Mariners’ record-setting 116-win season. In 2008, he won the Associated Press’s Reid Blackburn Memorial Award for the best feature photo in the region.
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Rob Sumner

My interest in photography came to life during my junior year of college, as I took to the seas for an around-the-world voyage. As I roamed the streets and visited with locals in 13 countries, the camera gave me a mission in each place; capturing the faces and landscapes which would help me tell the story of this incredible journey for my friends and family. When the ship came to rest at the last port, I knew that photography would be my career. I knew that photojournalism was a way I could help people see the world, in a way they had not expected.

Prior to co-founding Red Box Pictures, Rob worked as a photojournalist for 14 years, starting as an intern at The White House, and moving to newspapers in Maine, Oregon, Illinois, and Ohio. He worked as a photo editor for the print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and was part of the team that helped the P-I win a second place for best use of photography for a newspaper in 2008 (behind the New York Times), in the National Press Photographers Association’s annual contest. Rob lives with his wife and son and daughter in Seattle. View Robert Sumner's profile on LinkedIn