Stormy skies at Columbia River Gorge

As I drove from Portland on I-84 the day of heavy rain suddenly brightened with breaking clouds.  I glanced in the rear view mirror to see if I might get a ray of sunshine poking through the cloud cover to light this autumn scene over the Columbia River.  One of my first photography teachers taught me; if you think you will have great conditions, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity. I knew there was a good view of Vista House from being up there about about 12 years ago. I jumped off the highway and found my spot and waited. After about 30 minutes,  a dim, but warm light came though just for a moment, illuminating the golden leaves, before disappearing and turning the landscape dark against the churning clouds. Thank you to my wife and and 16 month-old son for waiting patiently on the blustery hill top.  If you are interested in a print, please click  here. -Rob

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