Kiana Lodge Wedding | Suzy + Michael

10 Responses to “Kiana Lodge Wedding | Suzy + Michael”

  1. Suzy Hawkins says:

    Dan, we love the pictures! And you chose some of my favorites for the blog. You and Andy did a fabulous job being our personal paparazzi for the day. It was so fun. Thanks so much for everything.

  2. Nicole says:

    Congratulations Suzy and Michael! It was a gorgeous wedding. The pictures are absolutely fabulous and really capture the spirit and emotions of your special day!

    Love, Nicole

  3. Katie Meador says:

    The wedding venue was beautiful and the photos turned out amazing! These guy’s know what they are doing.

    – Sister of the bride

  4. Mom Meador says:

    This was one of the most gorgeous weddigs I have ever attended and the couple was gorgeous, too. No, I am not prejudiced at all…

  5. These are fabulous photos…well done redbox!!! Somehow you added art to creative documentation. I am smiling just looking at all this FUN! It was great meeting you and hope that we can create more magic together in the future. You are right – Kiana is a sacred and lovely place. And you had great material with this charming group.

    Enjoy your fall!

    Be well,
    Rev. Mary

  6. Patrick Hawkins says:

    These picture are great. Particularly I liked the picture of Suzy with her Mom and Michael and Suzy pictures as well as the group picture but all of pictures are magnificent.

  7. Kelly Mosser says:

    What an amazing collection of photos (and memories)! I especially love the series of photos of Sue walking down to see Michael for the first time. So romantic! Andy and Dan, you guys did a fantastic job capturing the weekend. I immediately forwarded the album on to friends and family that weren’t able to attend. Many tears followed I’m sure. I wish we could go back and do it all over again – what a day!

  8. Nicole Scott says:

    These are the most beautiful wedding pictures ever! And, I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister … excellently done!

  9. Natalie Parker says:

    Such a beautiful wedding. Great pictures!

  10. Joel Conard says:

    Some really great shots here. Nicely done.