Cox 12 Month Service Agreement

Once your cancellation interview is over, it is important that you confirm all the details of your service. There`s nothing worse than staying on the phone for 45 minutes just to find out that your account is still active and that you need to call back to repeat the whole process. Day 1: Sign up for Cox because there was a $55 promo online for my zip code. I have received a notification that my house has already been maintained and that my order could not be processed. Called Cox, who told me that the previous owner had not paid his account and that I had to go to a service store to show proof of ownership. As it`s a Saturday, I can`t go to the store until Monday. Day 3: Show my proof of ownership in the store. The store can`t check my order. I`m calling Cox to pick up my order and tell me the promo was a breakdown. I still subscribe to the Internet. I finish my order by phone and I go to the store to get my modem. Install the modem – does not work.

Call Cox 2x to contact someone who tells me that the shop must physically activate my modem because they have proof of ownership. Remember that you might have the biggest excuse in the world, and customer service staff can always be bound by Cox Communications guidelines to insist that you keep their services. They will probably offer you discounts, special promotions and incentives to make your decision. All Internet service terminations with Cox Communications require returning devices such as modems and routers. If this is not the case, the result will be a heavy burden. I see a lot of contributions on termination of the service, but apparently from reading the agreement, I`m signed for a 2-year contract and if I terminated the account, I would most likely be subject to a penalty, wouldn`t I? After several calls with managers, they finally agree to reduce my wiring service to standard and remove additional channels as long as I recover the broken cable box. So I return the cable box, but 2 billing cycles go by and no change to my monthly bill price. Turns out someone never finished my order at the other end. So 3 calls later, I`m informed that they can`t close the work because I have to pass the modem at the bottom.


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