School Premises Hire Agreement

13.4. Your stop at the site does not constitute an endorsement by us or by the location of you or the object of your reason for the rental of the place. 3.1. You will pay us the rental fee with the deposit shown on the booking form. The school has a public entertainment license and a restricted theatre license for 3 areas – halls on both sides and the theatre studio on Towersey Road. There are very strict rules that must be respected and the school reserves the right to describe in detail tenant agreements for such events. At public entertainment events, South Oxfordshire District Council requires that a designated person be responsible for the event and, as such, be on site at all times when the public is on site. Please include the details in writing on the event information form. However, please note that the institutions are primarily for teaching and must be respected as such. For all those who rent rooms or sports facilities, the following rental and use rules apply: 22.1.

Any notification requested or authorized by one of the parties of the other party under this agreement is addressed in writing to that other party, at its head office or at another address, which has been communicated to the party who communicated the notification on the relevant date. A risk assessment must be completed before the event or the school reserves the right to impose restrictions to ensure health and safety. Risk assessment forms are included in the package. If the tenant can prepare a risk assessment project in advance, the information is verified before the event. The school has taken out insurance to cover the use of facilities by third parties who do not have $5 million in own liability insurance. However, if the tenant employs a third party, such as a supplier. B as a group or DJ, he must also receive a copy of the provider`s insurance certificate for civil liability. This should provide a minimum coverage of $5 million.

The school does not accept rentals without seeing proof of this insurance. In addition to the general right of termination referred to in paragraph 2, Governors expressly reserve the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect if the user does not have the appropriate provisions in paragraph 8.1 and/or does not comply with the guidelines and procedures set out in paragraph 8.1, which state that emergency situations and risk assessments cannot be impeded under any circumstances, which would constitute a violation of fire protection provisions.


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