Contract Modification Agreement

(2) cost of additional work resulting from the modification contract (e.g. B new subcontracting work, new prototypes or new update or backfit kits). 4. The contracting entity shall ensure that, where appropriate, a cost analysis is carried out in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 15.404 to 1.c., and shall take into account the costs that can be separated from the modification by the holder, where applicable. If additional resources are needed as a result of the amendment, the contract staff must insure the funds before the contract is adapted. Amending orders are issued by the public official, unless the power is conferred on a person responsible for the management contract (see point (c) 42.202). (b) The Contractor shall continue to perform the Contract as amended, except that, in the case of reimbursement or incremental financing contracts, the Contractor is not required to continue the performance or incur costs in excess of the limits set out in the “cost limitation” or “resource limitation” clause (see 32.706-2). 2. to act in such a way that the contractor considers that it has the power to retain the government; or if the contracting parties wish to amend a contract for the sale of goods, they must comply with the Single Commercial Code. The UZK regulates transactions relating to the sale of goods. The CSD seeks to expedite the nature of the trade and therefore does not require the parties to provide new consideration for the amendment of a contract for the sale of goods.

However, the CSD requires the parties to amend the contract in good faith.


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