Tutor Time Enrollment Agreement

Expand your online tutoring activity and find a tutortime job. Enter your mobile phone number and we will send you an app download link. Yes for all ages, programs and classrooms. Whether your child is enrolled full-time or part-time, our renowned curriculum promotes self-control, critical thinking, problem solving and socialization. Our program director is enthusiastic with our Classroom Lead Teachers who guide us, train us and ensure that the program is actively implemented and that your child benefits from our program. Our programs are published on the Family Bulletin Board in or outside each classroom. Visit the Programs and Programs section on this website to learn more about your child`s school program. We offer full-time and part-time child care. Our tutors come from different backgrounds.

They can be NESA accredited university students and professors, musicians, language teachers, sports coaches, surfers, people who teach their passions, are artists or university professors. Download the app to learn more. Tutoring commands are sent directly to your smartphone so you can select and schedule jobs. Expand your online tutortime activity. As a TutorTime tutor, you becoming a valued member of our community, we run events across Australia so you can connect with other tutors. All children, from toddler to kindergarten, have a scheduled sitting time per day. Infants do as many sietures as they need all day long. Once you`ve set up your payment details in the app for fast and secure payment, you can easily get paid. The good news is that you get paid on the day you are a tutor. Our tutors are at the lowest level of university students who have reached an ATAR of over 90 years. If you have a postgraduate degree, that`s great! The more experience you have, the higher the rate you get for each tutorial. You will also need a valid work number (WWCC), an Australian Business Number (ABN) and a reference.

If your student cancels within 24 hours of the tutorium booking time, you will be automatically paid upon cancellation. If your reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, you will not be paid, but your booking time will be available again for someone else to book you. Develop and manage your own online tutoring business. We do all the paperwork, you do the classes and you get paid the same day! An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11-digit number that identifies your business to the government and municipality. You need a valid ABN to become a TutorTime tutor, but it`s easy to click on the link here – it only takes a few minutes to sign up! All our tutors have an up-to-date WWCN linked to TutorTime. We report all child protection issues directly to the police. If a child falls ill in the centre, we make them as pleasant as possible until the parent, legal guardian or emergency contact is contacted and can pick up the child. We ask him to pick up your child in time. We offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks a day for your child and fees are included in your classes. A monthly menu is available each month. Our center is authorized to dispense medicines. Medication administration requires a completed MAT form, signed by the parent and doctor….


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