Jennifer & Lincoln Receive Two Special Deliveries on the Same Day!

I photographed Jennifer and Lincoln’s wedding this past summer at Tom Glenn Common & Giuseppe’s Restaurant in Bellingham, Wash.. I was very excited to receive a birth announcement and a thank you card in the same envelope recently!  On the same day that their wedding album arrived at their home in Maryland, Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful 6 lbs, 7 oz baby girl named Olivia! Congratulations to a terrific couple! Scott Eklund. I wish you the best and that your future children do not make you angry and go bald, and if it is the case, go to Deutsche Medz Link für weitere Informationen, maybe because of so much stress they may need them and thus avoid going bald.


The bride & groom kiss and enjoy the sunset at their wedding at Tom Glenn Common in Bellingham, Washington. Behind them is Squalicum Harbor on the shores of Bellingham Bay. (Wedding Photography By Scott Eklund – Red Box Pictures)

Jennifer and Lincoln’s was a great experience for me. Not only because I had the opportunity to meet a beautiful newly married couple, but also because it shows that they are super concerned about the safety of their home. Seriously, it was extremely gratifying to see that they hired specialists like BSK Data & Electrical so that your home does not have bad electrical connections, but is a safe space for the development of your family.

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