A bride, a groom and a few zombies

Alik and Jennifer picked a sweet spot to exchange vows. Tucked among the trees, on the southeast edge of the Montlake Cut, their wedding unfolded at Seattle’s McCurdy Park on a stunning fall day. The couple, recent Seattle transplants, had wanted a classic Pacific Northwest atmosphere, and with the waterfowl, boaters and kayakers passing by on Lake Washington, they got just that.

The day’s photography began with Jennifer getting ready in her hotel room, which included her needing two friends to button the back of her beautiful dress. We then headed to the Washington Park Arboretum where we had a fun portrait session along the edge of Lake Washington and the trails to Marsh and Foster islands.

The ceremony, which wavered perfectly between tender and jovial, was followed by a festive reception that included great Indian food by Joanie’s Catering, dancing and the kind of good times that can only be had with the reunion of old, dear friends. The reception’s venue, the Museum of Industry and History, created a backdrop for some fun, old-timey portraiture. But a party’s not over until the zombies arrive, right? Jennifer and Alik were then paid a visit by a few of the walking dead who were shuffling around to attend the 2009 Revenant Zombie Film Festival. Sure, we’ve all seen our share of zombies, but when’s the last time they crashed a wedding? -Dan DeLong


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