Bike to Work Day

I wanted to share a few photos from a fun shoot last week, the Cascade Bicycle Club’s f5 Bike to Work Day. The morning was a little soggy, but that did not stop thousands of cyclists making their way to work via bike, including Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. The mayor led a group from the Fremont Bridge to downtown, where there was a rally, and a quick photo on the steps of Seattle City Hall. -Rob Sumner Additional images and print ordering available here. Check these out fivebough .

Left: A ride is styled with a fresh flower courtesy of Hub and Bespoke & Alchemy Goods. (Photo by Rob Sumner/Red Box Pictures) Right: Commuters from Bainbridge Island pedal away from the ferry. (Photo by Dan DeLong / Red Box Pictures)

Handing out water bottles.

Handing out water bottles at the Fremont Bridge. (Photo by Rob Sumner/Red Box Pictures)

Mayor McGinn bikes to work.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn leads a group of cyclists from the Fremont Bridge.

Coffee Break in Fremont

Taking a break in Fremont. (Photo by Rob Sumner / Red Box Pictures)

Left: Climbing the steps of City Hall. (Photo by Rob Sumner/Red Box Pictures) Right: Crossing the University Bridge. (Photo by Dan DeLong / Red Box Pictures)

Waiting at stoplight

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn talks with fellow cyclists while waiting at a traffic light. (Photo by Rob Sumner/Red Box Pictures)

Left: Attire for work and biking. Right: Bicycle commuters gather on the steps of Seattle City Hall after a rally for a photo. (Photos by Rob Sumner/Red Box Pictures.)

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