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Rows of Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper boxes sit in a warehouse at the Seattle Times after the P-I stopped printing on March 17th, 2009.

We’ve been around for about two months now, and we have been getting comfortable with our  name. It seems to be memorable, likable, and I am thinking we chose right.

After we decided to start this business, we immediately began thinking of possible monikers.

I registered our name on March 26.  After looking back in my email, I see that we started discussing possibilities on March 11. For two weeks it was something we talked about everyday.

We felt a lot of pressure to get it right. We needed something simple, something that would appeal to a variety of clients, and something that would speak to our history.  It seems so simple now; what were we doing for two weeks?

For those who don’t live in Seattle, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, our former employer, was sold out of red newspaper boxes across the state before it stopped printing on March 17th. They were a strong visual juxtaposition to the blue boxes that held our competition, The Seattle Times.

That is the basis for our name.  We wanted to pay respect to our past, but not limit ourselves or our brand to just being news photographers. Our photographers have numerous skills that are applicable across a wide variety of commercial applications.

The Times, who owned and operated the all the boxes, kindly allowed P-I employees to take their pick from their warehouse full of the machines. We now have four in the studio. They provide a little bit of unconventional storage space and will be a continued reminder of the great times we had as newspaper photographers.

Posted by Rob Sumner.


Red Box Pictures photographers Dan DeLong, driving, and Scott Eklund deliver a couple of the red newspaper boxes to our new studio.


A warehouse at The Seattle Times full of Seattle P-I newspaper boxes.

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